Getting Anxious

My Sister-In-Law told me not to buy anything, because I would get so many gifts. I just can’t do that. There are three reasons why.

  1. My friends & family don’t have a lot to spare…I cannot expect them to get the big things.
  2. I don’t think it is smart or practical to bank on gifts.
  3. I just can’t wait.

I’m entering my third trimester. So, I really feel like I need to have the big furniture out of the way. Plus, I have a checklist of things to have packed and ready for the hospital. I’m probably being paranoid, but I want to have those things packed an ready, as soon as possible.

So, that being said, we’ve done some shopping. I received a very generous and thoughtful $200 gift certificate to babies”R”us. So, we purchased our travel system. That was fun and I really think that together we made a good purchase. We tested all of these different units. We judged how easy the buttons worked. We judged how easy it was to fold & unfold the stroller. We kept in mind the weight of the unit, etc. In the end we decided on a Graco unit that was slightly heavier than another aluminum unit, but it had larger wheels, provided more mobility & stability. I left there feeling like we made an educated decision.

view travel system #1

view travel system #2 (It has a little clock/thermometer. This was not a “buying” feature for us, but it is still kind of cool.)

view travel system #3 (I think this is one of the coolest features of the “travel system”…a semi-permanent base for the car, so the infant seat just snaps in and out of it.)

Then we also received a $50 gift certificate to Target from a good friend. We used this to purchase a few of the smaller items. One that I really, really wanted. One that was on the hospital checklist & one that was something I needed to see in the store, so we went ahead and purchased it.

  1. What I really wanted – My Winnie The Pooh Baby Book.
  2. On the hospital list – Receiving Blankets.
  3. Needed to see – Mattress Pad.

The baby book is so dang cute. I love it! The receiving blankets are just your normal blankets and I can still use more, but at least I have a few to pack now. The mattress pad isn’t anything too exciting and I should probably have at least one more (for when this one is being washed), but it is a good start.

Finally last night we went to Wal*Mart with the intention of either purchasing my Play Yard or the changing table. I opted for the Play Yard. Since the Pooh Play Yard that I picked out has three layers…the bottom play-pin layer, a middle bassinet layer and a top changing table layer. I just thought, even if we didn’t make it back for the changing table (which I’m sure we will), we have a changing area on the Play Yard.

view Play Yard

I also picked up a couple of nursing bras which is another thing on the hospital list that we can check off.

Now, I think the last high-dollar item on the list is the changing table. Then there are quite a few mid-high dollar items (over $35), like the high chair. We won’t need that right away, so I’m not too worried. The bassinet…we already have a used bassinet, so I’m not too worried about this one either. The baby swing…not a necessity, just a perk. The booster car seat…not needed for a while. I think that’s it. Beyond just a couple of items that were too cute to walk away from, we haven’t purchased any clothing or any of the other items under $35.

I’m really starting to feel ready. I may have to pick up a layette or two before the shower, just so I can have something for the hospital suitcase. In fact there are a few things I need to get to complete the hospital checklist:

  1. A long robe. I already have a nursing gown, but I’d like a long robe for maximum coverage while guests visit.
  2. Mike needs a watch with a second hand to time contractions.
  3. Newborn clothes.
  4. Some small things and I think I’m set!


  1. Michele said,

    January 1, 2005 at 8:11 pm

    :thumbsup: Looks like you got some major items taken care of! Everything is so cute! Love them all. Can’t wait for the shower! Hugs to you and Mike and Sprout! Happy New Year! XXXOOO

  2. fl0w3r said,

    January 3, 2005 at 6:19 am

    Yeah, we’ve been busy over the holiday vacation!Happy New Year to you too!

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