Negative Nellys

Remind me, please…when I am no longer pregnant this is a list of things I shouldn’t do:

1. I shouldn’t tell a pregnant lady that the pain she is feeling will only get worse. This isn’t supportive. It may be true, but it doesn’t do any good to tell someone with virtually no control of the situation that this is the case. Instead, I should remind them that it is okay to take Tylenol, recommend getting a “pregnancy” massage, suggest heat packs/heating pads for back/hip pain… I swear that I’ve heard several people say, “You think it hurts now, it is only going to get worse.” and one person suggested the above options and quickly reminded me of the 4D ultrasound. It was supportive and it gave me something very positive to think about.

2. I shouldn’t tell a pregnant woman that her lack of sleep is only the beginning. While this is also probably true, the better response might be that the lack of sleep is getting the mom ready for the baby and to keep in mind that it is all temporary. In time the sleep deprivation will be caused by a beautiful baby and even that is temporary…soon the baby will sleep through the night.

I’m sure there is more, but this is the first of my “Negative Nelly No-No’s” list.

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