Work Shmerk!

So, I’ve mentioned that some things have changed on the work front. Well, there have been multiple changes. I know I’ve mentioned on several occassions that the new boss and I just never clicked. Okay, okay, I think that is much kinder than I’ve put it in the past. I don’t like the man. He’s been nothing but rude to me and I’ve watched him be down-right cruel to others, as well. Yet, I’ve tried to be a good assistant to him, regardless. I’ve tried to follow his rediculous requirements. I’ve scheduled his 6:00 am meetings when he “wants to make someone suffer”. I’ve busted my hump to try and keep up, even at the risk of my own health.

When I found out that I was pregnant, every time I could get him to sit down with me, I brought up the need for help and maternity coverage. It wasn’t until I landed myself in the hospital w/ pneumonia…and was required by doctor’s orders not to return to work until a week later that it really hit him, how dire the need was for some help. That is when he realized that he wasn’t the kind of person to offer up any kind of flex-time. He wanted an admin that could be there at 6 am, leave at 8 pm and not have any other obligations to keep her from being his right-hand person. No lie, he actually told me as much when he talked to me about getting a different admin. Granted, I had been putting in a rediculous amount of hours, especially for a pregnant woman, but I always had an obligation to my husband and my family before my job.

So, that was the first step. He wanted a new admin. Now this didn’t mean I was out of work, by any means. I supported him, as well as 2 other VP’s and a handful of finance staff. When I say I was drawn and quartered, I’m not joking. They were tugging at me from all directions. Truth be told, we had needed another admin for quite some time. So, basically, my (now ex)boss wanted to hire someone that didn’t have a home-life, to be his abused wife at work and I would continue to support the other VP’s and finance staff. To say that this made me happy was an enormous understatement. Sure there was some small part of me that felt a little defeated. You know, like I wasn’t good enough for the job. There was a much bigger part of me, however, that was elated. Elated that I didn’t have to support this man anymore. Elated that I would have some help. Elated that I’d get to watch while someone else endured the hell that I once called my own.

So, his replacement admin started last week. In addition to that, we’ve brought on a temp training to be my maternity coverage. So, starting yesterday, I’ve officially been able to cut my hours back to 6 hours/day…which is something that my doc requested several weeks ago, but due to the existing circumstances, cutting back to 9 hours/day was the best I could do. Now, I’ve got to admit….I’m having a hard time fight this “screw it” attitude. I had been beat up for so long that now, I just want to kiss this place off and focus only on my health, my baby, my husband and my home. It isn’t like me to think that way. Even when I despised the person I was working for, I busted my chops to be the best that I could…something has changed though and I’m having a very difficult time fighting this. Maybe it is just hormones. Yes, that’s the ticket, I’ll just blame my crazy hormones. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Firebrand said,

    February 15, 2005 at 8:30 pm

    :clap: I’m glad that things are working out on the work front and that you don’t have to deal with that @sshole anymore!! It can be very hard to not feel defeated, but just remember that you did the best you could with a VERY difficult man. It’s okay to not be everything to everyone… just be everything to the ones who really, truly matter… like your wonderful hunk of a husband! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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