The search engine queries that bring people to my blog have taken a strange and occassionally disturbing turn.

show me a picture of a bassinet (This one isn’t so disturbing)
asian pregnancy pics (Why just asian…this is questionable)
breastfeeding (I understand this one)
very very (very very what?)
pictures of Mongolian babies (huh?)
cracked nipples (I feel your pain!)
totally sick (This seems an extremely broad search)
“Gabriel Donovan” (It intrigues me to find out who wanted to specifically search for this name)
milk my breast pics (Pictures? Ew!)
pictures on how to breast feed (I understand these pictures, but take my advice and go to a lactation consultant)
lactation pics photos (I just hope they are looking for more instructional photos)
pictures of want my husband to suckle my milk (Yup, this is where is starts to get disturbing)
men suckling breast pics (Husbands weren’t good enough?)
breast feeding pics (Been there…)
jenifer (That’s me!)
breastfeeding hubby pics (Yup, back to disturbing)
whining baby pictures (Check out my gallery)
blog lactation (What exactly is blog lactation?)
mom’s wild (As previewed on the Spring Break, Girls Gone Wild video)

Come on people…this is just a nice, family blog. You all neede to be going elsewhere, kay?


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