Sex, Lies and Videotape

::Sex, Lies and Videotape::

Onesome: Sex…When did you learn about sex? Was it through those films at school? Word of Mouth? Your parents?

  • Sadly, I learned about sex at a very young age due to child molestation. In fact, my Mom suspected something was awry so she had the “birds & bees” discussion with me around the age of 4.
  • Twosome: …Lies– …do you believe little white lies are all around us? Or do you prefer only the truth even if it hurts someone’s feelings??

  • Those who know me, know that I’m candid to a fault. I believe in honesty…however, I think that words can be “adjusted” to save someone’s feelings without telling a lie. I’m not good at mincing words, but I’d recommend that route for others. 😉
  • Threesome: and Videotape– …do you buy movies on Video and/or DVD? Or do you prefer to rent? What kind of movies do you add to your collection?

  • I used to be a big movie collector. I have at least 100 VHS movies and started my DVD collection, the moment we got our first DVD player. I don’t buy them much anymore though. We Netflix all of our movies these days.
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