Well, I survived the work week. Along with my wonderful and devastatingly handsome husband and my adorable and lovable son. It hasn’t always been easy, of course.

Sunday, Mike and I both cried. Monday, I got through the day with minimal tears, but Mike’s day was much harder. On top of being ill and tired, he had some pretty major anxiety to tackle. Tuesday, we both seemed to be doing alright. Wednesday, I had an emotional breakdown in the evening.

You see, Gabe is a morning baby. He’s all happy and smiley in the early day. By the time I get home, he’s fussy and tired. By Wednesday that was really starting to get to me and I lost it. It was hard not to think, “my baby doesn’t like me” since the only time I got was pretty fussy. So, my wonderful husband spent all day yesterday trying to change Gabe’s schedule so he’d be rested and more alert for me in the evening. It worked a little bit. I got a little bit of non-fuss time, but soon afterwords, it was back to normal.

I was reading today, though, that most babies are that way. Fussy and tired in the evenings and over supper time. The book suggested that I get up earlier and spend morning time with him. That was an interesting coincidence since Mike called out to me at 7:00 am this morning because he was a very happy baby. I spent about 20 minutes with him this morning and he just smiled and laughed. It was wonderful. It has made my day much easier to deal with. So, that closes the deal.

I need to get up at least 30 minutes earlier and spend some quality fun time with my boy. I’ll probably just bring him downstairs with me, that would ensure at least 1.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep for Mike. If I get up early, I can take care of his morning feeding, get ready and still get time with him. Not to mention, if he’s awake, I’ll probably just cart him from room to room with me while I get ready.

Then on the weekends, I can soak up all the daytime grins!


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  1. emm said,

    May 11, 2005 at 4:51 pm

    just a little test to see that your home link hasn’t messed up comments 🙂

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