Seeing Red

I’m so mad I can hardly stand it. We just let Taz-Cee (my dog) out to go to the bathroom and the neighbor cat took a swat at her as she was coming back inside. We called her over to check her out and make sure she was OK and as she was walking toward us, her left eye was full of blood. I freaked out and grabbed her. We used some tissues to soak up the blood. It turns out that it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Just a scratch toward the corner and her eyeball doesn’t appear to be damaged. Nonetheless, after she was cleaned up and looking better, I lost it and just started crying. Now that I’m done crying I’m so mad.:mad:

These neighbors shouldn’t be allowed to have pets. They get a cat and it lives outside, regardless of the weather. I only occasionally see them get fed. There was even one time that we found a string tied to a rope tied to something else tied to a cat collar. The contraption was hanging from one of our patio chairs. The collar was hanging up higher in the air. We knew whatever was in it could have died, but fortunately escaped from it’s collar. A couple days later the neighbor is trying to find the cat and asks us about it. He mentions that he had the cat tied up, so we knew the death contraption belonged to him.

Also, have I mentioned that since they moved in, there are considerably more and more stray kittens around. They never have their cats spayed or neutered. So, here is the deal. They have cats, never take them inside, inconsistently feed them, tie them to inhumane contraptions, allow them to breed like crazy and now their cats are beating up our animals.

Now, we are not completely without blame here. We are animal lovers. We have four cats, a dog and a bird. We love our pets and we are sad to see these other pets go without. So, we try and care a little for some of the neighborhood cats. There are two cats in particular, one that we’ve named “Scamp”. He is just a stray cat. There is another that we call “Patches” and that is the neighbor’s cat. We provided a warm place for them to sleep in the winter. It is just a drawer with some insulation, but they used it. We’ve fed and watered them. So, these days, they pretty much just hang out by our back porch.

Recently, Patches has been getting territorial. A few weeks ago, a couple of our cats shot outside as we opened the back door and the fight was on. The only casualty was my husband when he tried to break it up. He got a nasty bite. OK, we couldn’t really fault them, they were just doing what cats do and we realized that we needed to be a bit more careful when the door is opened and closed.

But tonight, I don’t really understand what happened. We let Taz-Cee out, as we do several times a day. Patches has never bothered her before, but for some reason, tonight he found it necessary to smack her. Now, I must admit, I am a little ticked off at the cat, but I’m mainly pissed at the owners. Take care of your freakin’ animals, you idiots! Mike is going to talk to them after we have cooled off, but I really want to march over there right now and knock the crap out of him…the neighbor, not the cat. Have I mentioned this guy is a pedophile? Yes, folks, he is a registered sex offender. I realize that isn’t relevant to this issue, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier to like and want to reason with him.



  1. Scott said,

    May 8, 2005 at 12:24 am

    Did the discussion happen???

    I suppose the other option is to call Animal Control, but that’s not necessarily a nice fate for those cats either.

  2. Cris said,

    May 9, 2005 at 8:38 am

    I hope TazCee is ok. 😦

    Pobre perro…

  3. Jenifer said,

    May 10, 2005 at 9:38 pm

    Scott – I don’t think Mike has talked to him yet.

    Cris – Fortunately, she is fine. It was just a “juicy” scratch and caused a lot of blood, but you can’t even see a scratch now.

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