Let The Best Person Win

For those TiVo/DVR/Replay junkies…American Idol spoiler to follow!

Let me just say that I’ve really missed reporting each week on American Idol. I just didn’t have the time this season. I have been watching diligently though, and this has been one of the best seasons with regards to talent. It has been fun to watch. I did miss watching the growth and development of these stars. Since so many of them were really good to start off with, we didn’t get to see much growth and development. Kelly Clarkson was a perfect example of someone that grew. While I think her vocals were phenomenal from day one, her stage presence was severely lacking. By the end of the season, she was like a butterfly bursting out of her cocoon.

So, Bo and Carrie were the final two. In my opinion, America got it right on those two. Either one of them could win the competition and I’d be happy. Although, I do think that Carrie could have used some of that “Clarkson Butterfly” action. Carrie has the vocals, but she’s a boring performer. I’m sure that stylists will be working with her to fix that. It will help that she’s going to fall into Country. You don’t have to perform (<– read "dance") so much in Country. Bo was an awesome performer, but he would be a little bit more difficult to market. So in the end, Carrie won the crown…but I will own both of their albums.


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