Don't Mess With The Bull

I’d like to take a moment and a little bit of my web space to respond to a comment left on another one of my blog reads. I’m putting it up here, so that there isn’t another novel in Greymatter’s comment box.

For a little bit of history leading up to the comments, Greymatter posted a rant about some poor parenting he witnessed at a local store. The gist of his rant…

I’m afraid I’m not particularly understanding of a leisurely 45-minute general shopping trip at 3 a.m. (I checked out at 3:07) with three children under 10 tagging along. I’m less impressed when you’re short-tempered with said children, who are whining because they should have been in bed 6 hours ago. My enthusiasm diminishes even more when you check out in front of me and ring up cinnamon rolls, a case of Ramen, two cases of soda, Fruit Roll-Ups and a plethora of other prepackaged and unhealthy food but not one piece of fresh fruit (come on, peaches were on sale for 88 cents a pound!) or anything else healthy. And you just tip the scales when you argue with the clerk because you picked the wrong line (of the two open lines) and she won’t sell you a pack of cigarettes.

I know, it’s a pointless rant. So I’ll just say “poor kids.”

My comment:

I’m totally with you. I’m sure we will make our fair share of mistakes but I’m amazed by some people’s parenting skills or the lack there of. We have this big test to become a US citizen…we take a test to get our license…yet any moron can breed.

The novel left by another commenter (GreggT):

What do you propose? Licensing? How would you be enforcing this? Mandatory birth control? ROFLMAO!! And who exactly should we be letting make the who breeds and who doesn’t decision? George Bush? Dick Cheney? Hillary Clinton?

“…yet any moron can breed.” though often their offspring are not morons. What causes this? And often diversity leads to excellence. I would argue that poor parenting often leads to exceptional children and that mediocre parenting often leads to average or below average children. Just sample some great people from history and you might have a different perspective next time you encounter a child with “moron” parents.

I would also argue that sending your children to “public school” and “day care” will do much more damage to them then taking them shopping for groceries in the middle of the night. I might even argue that not having a phonetic alphabet is a detriment to logical thinking in these same children. But hey, I don’t have any preconcieved notions of when shopping should be done, even with children… Or for that matter when work should be done. Jay, you want to work the day shift? Normal people work from 9-5 M-F ;>)……

And as for the ” big test to become a US citizen…” do people that are born here have to take it? And if not why not? How about the 2.5 million illegal imigrants? Can you share the jist of the Constitution and it’s ammendments and the reasoning behind each item in them? Just being able to do this little exercise would lead to a definate improvement in parenting, I think.

My final though is this, at least they have a parent that is willing to be with them and to provide food for them, even though it may be below what is availabe. But I am glad to see that you are observing others with children and planning to have some children yourself, children are a great character building exercise. Even when they don’t turn out anything like what you had in mind. Sometimes they turn out better.

I agree that you need to relax, Gregg.

I’m not an idiot. I know that we can’t enforce licensing or testing prior to procreating. I do, however, find it ironic that so many other things we do…things that are really quite insignificant when compared to our roles as parents require us to test. Can you really argue with that?

…and yes, morons can have fine children and vice versa. So, does that mean, I shouldn’t try to raise my child right? Of course not. We need to try to do our best to raise good children and quite honestly, many aren’t fit to do so. PERIOD. Don’t believe me? Check out this recent news report. Only one out of several parents involved thanked the driver? There is something wrong with this picture and it doesn’t stop at just this one incident in Maine. I could find several similar situations for your review. Isn’t that terribly sad?

I don’t disagree with you about the public school and day care. I, personally believe part of the problem stems from parents not taking an active enough roll in our children’s lives. I also don’t disagree that natural born citizens should be able to pass the same test and be proud to do so. I’m the first to admit that if you asked me to take the test right now, I probably wouldn’t pass it, but if you told me that I needed to pass it to stay a citizen in this country that I love, I would study my butt off to make it happen and I’d do it with pride. The 2.5 illegal immigrants are ILLEGAL and need to be treated as such.

As for your final thought, “at least they have a parent that is willing to be with them and to provide food for them”. You are kidding right? Providing food is the easiest part of parenting. Yes, I suppose I’m happy the children in question aren’t being starved, but I hope like heck that they are getting much more than a plate of food and roof over their head.


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  1. GreggT said,

    June 6, 2005 at 3:52 pm

    I agree and wish you luck and wisdom with parenting. But alass this event is but a symptom of the real problems that plague this country and possibly the world.

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