Father's Day Early

What a great weekend. We celebrated Father’s Day with our parents a week early, so that Mike could enjoy his first Father’s Day at home.

First we visited Mike’s Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner. That is a treat, in itself. Good, old-fashioned, home-cooked food makes my tummy happy. I especially enjoy it now that we have Gabriel. It is so important to me that Gabriel knows and loves his family. I also want Gabriel to be a social child, so I enjoy that he gets to spend time in everyone’s arms.

Afterward, we went to Mike’s folks house. Mike’s Brother and Mom went in on an iPod for his Dad. We love our iPods and know that all other mp3 players just don’t rate by comparison. So, we were very excited to give it to him. Mike’s Dad is a very special man. I’m not sure if this will make sense to anyone, because I didn’t have any experience with this before I met him…but the light of God shines in his eyes. He’s a kind man and I think he should probably have his own church. If anyone can turn non-believers into believers, I think it would be him. But I digress. It was so much fun to give him his iPod. He was very excited about it. When Mike was installing it, his Dad would come out into the living room and excitedly share one of the features with his Mom. Like Mike said, it was neat to get excited with him. All of these cool features that we take forgranted…suddenly had us all excited too. It was a lot of fun.

After the iPod was installed, we continued our journey to visit my Dad’s place in Missouri. My Dad and Step-Mom recently purchased an old skeleton of a farm house out in the boonies. They are currently working on fixing it up. They set out to find an old, old, house, because they wanted to gut it and fix it up…but not necessarily modernize it. They have picked up antique furniture, fixtures and appliances at various farm auctions and sales. They are going to remodel the house using an antique decor dated closely to when the house would have been built. It is fun to visit and see what they have been able to do. Plus, they are so happy out there. It is a joy to see them so content and excited about what they are doing. My Dad is a music buff and I picked up the newest Van Morrisson album for him. I knew he wanted it, so it was easy to pick out.

I also got to see one of my Brothers that I don’t get to see very often. In fact, there are times when I’ve seen him but wished I hadn’t. You see, drug addiction has been and is something that is very common in my family. This is something that a few of my siblings have struggled with. This Brother has probably struggled with it the most. There have been times when I’ve seen him, that I thought he was dying…and perhaps he was. His skin was stretched across his skeleton. It was gray and blemish covered. There was no mass to his body at all. Even his demeanor was intolerable. He would be cold and sometimes, even rude. It was great to see him this weekend and know that he was clean. His build was thick, his skin looked great and it almost brought tears to my eyes when he smiled and joked with me. I hope he stays on the straight and narrow because he wears it well.

As a side note…I sprained my knee. A 32 year-old, 250 pound woman has no business on a trampoline. It was fun though and I even think it was worth it!


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