Chaps My Hide!

I’m very disappointed in “the system” right now. My sister’s family may get torn apart because of an oversight and it is really pissing me off.

You see my sister is married to a legal immigrant…or he WAS a legal immigrant. He’s been living in the states, legally for several years. He worked, paid taxes, learned the language. He’s a good guy. He recently got pulled over for having a broken tail light. When they ran him through the system, they noticed that he had moved and didn’t update immigration with his new address.

Now, he may get deported. My sister and their two children won’t be able to go with him until their visa’s clear, which could take several week to several months. They really don’t have much financially and now they have had to retain a lawyer. When it is all said and done…with the lawyer and court fees…they will have shelled out about $4K and he could STILL get deported.

Yes, I know this was an oversight on his part. He should have notified immigration of his new address. In fact, I think it would be appropriate for there to be consequences…a fine, perhaps. What really makes me mad is the hoops my sister and brother-in-law have to jump through just because of some bureaucratic minutia. He’s a good man. I’m proud to have him in my country. We have many illegal immigrants here that haven’t bothered to do ANYTHING by the law. They aren’t speaking the language. They aren’t paying taxes. They are living the good life, but show little regard for the country that is allowing them to do so.

Shouldn’t we focus these efforts on the illegal immigrants that AREN’T EVEN TRYING and DON’T EVEN CARE?

If my sister’s family is torn apart because of some forgotten paperwork…I will be so disappointed in the immigration system.



  1. Cris said,

    August 19, 2005 at 9:06 am

    Oh my God! I’m so sorry to hear that all this is going on. 😦 I hope everything works out. That would be so traumatic for a family.

  2. maggie, Tony, nina, and alex said,

    August 19, 2005 at 10:31 pm

    Here’s the deal, the imagration had his change of address, we go through them every year. What the problem is what we didn’t do was change the address with the Chicago Asylum Office. See they are connected with the imagration. They deal with families that leave thier country because of war. I did’nt know that until I was up at the INS office. So that’s our fault. But now we can’t change the address since we don’t know where his father is. His father was the principal applicant. I have never met father. So the case is closed. Because we can’t change the address. We have two options, one I can file for him since I am married to him and he will have to return to his country for 2-6 months or even longer. Oh and I have to be here in the states while he is there. Something about them calling him and they will call me at the same time. Or he can get deported and go through a judge. So were sort of stuck. But since he does have two children here then there’s a chance that the judge will let him stay and pay a fine of $1000.00. I think then he can have a resident card (green card). The imagration got so strict after the 9-11 and now its harder for these men and woman with chidren here to get there papers. Oh the 4 grand is the lawyer and visa’s. I dont even want to think about the court fees. BUT what I am happy about is my children are young and I hope will not remember this because they shouldn’t have to go through this.

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