*Insert Tooth Whistle Here*

Yesterday, we buried a family member. I know many people don’t rate pets as members of the family, but that isn’t the case in our house. Our pets were our babies long before we had Gabe.

Sadly, those of you that have met our pets, didn’t ever really know Nate. She wasn’t kind to strangers. Yes, there is no lie, she was full of sass. When ever you moved her, she’d growl and make all kinds of vicious noises. She’s attacked many a stranger. I’ll never forget the time when these big burly guys were working on our heater. They carried boards with them to cover their legs, because they were afraid of our little kitty. Ha! They had every reason to be afraid, but seriously…big burly service workers?!?

She was a sweet cat, though. I’m not blowing smoke up your skirt, I swear! She would cuddle on command. Most cats will cuddle on their own terms, but at almost any time, you could pick Nate up and she would turn into a sweetheart. When sleeping, you could position her in the crook of your arm and she would stay there all night, just snuggling up against you. And she loved her Dad. I mean she really loved her Dad. No one could make her purr quite like Mike.

We miss you bunches, Nason Kitty. Give ’em heck in heaven!


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