Can we get a little justice?

I stumbled across this article in my local news source.

There are so many things wrong with this situation�I don�t even know where to begin.

“I negotiated many days for this plea and recommended highly that he take it,” said Bill Kutmus, Kluender’s attorney. “I think it was in his best interest not to go to trial.”

…and why do we care about his best interest when…

Kluender “admits he engaged the child in genital-to-genital contact for the purpose of arousing or satisfying the sexual desires of either of them. Further, Kluender does not dispute the child’s statements as reflected in the minutes of testimony,”

His 14-year employment with the State Patrol was terminated after the charges were filed. The termination is being contested, and attorney Mark Hedberg said it would go to arbitration.

Contest what exactly? He’s a state trooper for crying out loud. We can’t have child molesters on the state payroll who are supposedly protecting our friends and our family. Duh?

Also in another semi-related story

I’m a little torn on this…but only a little. I firmly believe that if you “do the crime, you do the time” and then you are done. Once you’ve served your time, it shouldn’t follow you around. You should be able to go back to life, as you know it. That being said, I’m all for the 2,000 feet residency restriction for sex offenders. I believe that child molesters should get life without parole. Actually, I’d be agreeable to cruel and unusual punishment, but obviously, we can’t go there.

There is a fundamental breakdown in the judicial system when these people are allowed back onto the streets to molest again. That is why I agree to a restriction that basically violates a citizen’s rights. As you know, we found out a while ago that our neighbor was a convicted sex offender. My NEXT DOOR neighbor! There was a time when a child could go outside and play….be home by the time the streetlights come on. That could never happen now. It is far too dangerous. However, I wouldn’t even be able to let my son out of the yard…out of my sight. I simply couldn’t knowing that a man who participated in lascivious acts with a girl under the age of 14 lived right next door.

Now, the neighbor I speak of has a “For Sale” sign in their yard. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that sign go up. I don’t know if they are being forced out because

virtually all of Council Bluffs is uninhabitable for sex offenders convicted of a crime against a minor.

…or if it was their own decision. Nonetheless, I’m happy to see them go. Now, I don’t believe Jessica’s Law is an option in our state yet, but I certainly hope it comes around. If you have the opportunity to vote on Jessica’s Law, please do so. This would help correct the fundamental errors of the judicial system as it relates to child sex offenders. Let’s get it right, so we don’t have to violate a person’s rights to save our children.

If I have to pick between protecting a child molester’s rights or protecting my child, I will always pick my child.


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