Calendar Greatness!

As Gabe has entered our life, both Mike and I have made some changes in an effort to be a better role model for our son. One of these changes includes only using legal software on our multiple home computers. In an effort to do this, Mike has pointed me to different word editors and e-mail programs. I really like the programs that I’ve been using with one exception. I couldn’t find a free calendar program that was suitable for my needs. I’m using Thunderbird/Firefox for e-mail and browsing now. You can install a calendar extension, but their calendar has way too many bugs. I tried it for several weeks with much frustration.

So, I went on a hunt to find something. I needed it to be free, since I just can’t foot the bill for any new software. I checked out several different programs and didn’t like any of them. It was very frustrating because I really rely on a calendar to help keep me organized. Well, when we switched to, we also switched to a new host. In the most recent newsletter from our host, they mentioned a one-click calendar installation.

Well, after trying to the one-click installation a few times, I realized that it wasn’t working quite as yet. In fact trying to get it to work was how our database got wiped out. I was frustrated and trying hard to get the calendar running and accidentally deleted the WRONG database. So, the calendar wasn’t working and I had wiped out all of our blog posts. This wasn’t going well. I searched their forum and realized that many people were having problems with the calendar. So, I waited until the next day and tried again.

Voila! Calendar greatness. The best part about this calendar is that both Mike and I can access it and update it, since it is hosted on our website. It requires a log-in to access, so it is secure. Up until now, I’ve been the keeper of our calendar. I always printed the calendar and placed a copy on the Fridge for Mike to see, but rarely was the paper copy kept up to date. Now Mike can access it any time and he can even create entries for his very own calendar. After much frustration, I’m so very happy!

Thanks DreamHost…you really are dreamy!



  1. Cris said,

    December 8, 2005 at 10:19 am

    Yay! Dreamy calendars!

  2. Jenifer said,

    December 8, 2005 at 2:15 pm

    Only I would be so tickled about a calendar. :mrgreen:

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