Finally, My AI Update

I think the people that I REALLY wanted to get through got through. Woo-hoo! My favorites are listed below (Number one being my most favorite).

1. Taylor Hicks (henceforth known as Salt&Pepper) – While my Mom think he needs to drop the Joe Cocker movements, I just love this guy. He has so much soul and his voice makes me melt.

2. Chris Daughtry (Rockin’ Cowboy) – This guy is just so real. Sure he’s got a great voice and I think he is extremely handsome, but he just seems so genuine. That is what I really like about him.

3. Kellie Pickler (Lola which means “strong woman”) – She’s just so dang sweet. A real underdog, but she’s got a great voice and deserves to be there.

4. Kevin Coivas (Rosey) – He’s like the Clay of this season. He’s such a cute, albeit awkward young man. I really like him though. He just seems like a young gentleman. I love his voice too. It will be interesting to see the stylists go to work on him.

5. David Bradford (Crooner) & Will Maker (Crooner w/ a Twist) – These guys are pretty equal in my book. Will has a little bit more modern sound, but they both croon and I’ve always liked that.

6. Paris Benett (Jazzy) – Well, she’s just an absolute doll and her jazzy style is very refreshing.

7. Katherine McPhee (Young Miss) – I loved her first audition. I’m not sure I saw anything great from Hollywood, but I’m still hooked from the original audition and she seems so sweet.

8. Lisa Tucker (Whitney Jr.) – What can I say, the girl is amazing!

9. Mandissa – I’m not sure I heard enough from her vocally to make a judgement, but I totally love the speech she gave to Simon in Hollywood. That won me over.

As for Ayla Brown and Ace Young – Meh. They are great and commercial, but I’m just not into them. I guess I’m more into either the underdog or the unique this year.

There are a few I’d like to see gone:
1. Becky O’Donohue (Miss Maxim) – She can’t sing. She’s there on looks alone. See ya.
2. Brenna Gethers (Snottay) – She’s full on herself and mouthy. I don’t care if she can sing, I don’t like her attitude.
3. Gedeon McKinney (Mr. Great) – He would have fallen into the category below until he made that speech in Hollywood about how great he was and how he knew he was going through.

The following folks I just don’t feel like I know or I’ve seen enough to comment:
1. Bobby Bennett
2. Heather Cox
3. Bucky Covington
4. Elliott Yamin
5. Kinnik Sky
6. Sway Penala
7. Melissa McGhee
8. Patrick Hall
9. Stevie Scott

I think that sums it up. Stay tuned. 🙂



  1. Scott said,

    February 18, 2006 at 11:08 pm

    Get Sway outta there. He sucked during his group thing. (He was in the group with the one whiney twin.) I can’t believe they let him continue on after that. I don’t think he can sing either. I think he has “lucky moments”.

  2. Joy Ann Johnson said,

    February 24, 2006 at 10:40 pm

    Gedeon McKinney (Mr. Great) – He would have fallen into the category below until he made that speech in Hollywood about how great he was and how he knew he was going through.

    I will not be a troll and I am new to this but I know what one is. Honestly you got it wrong about Gedeon. He was asked a question and it was edited to sound that way. He was asked by Randy what he thought it took to be an American Idol. He responded that to be the AI you had to have it. Next Randy asked him if he thought he had it. He replied “yes sir”…

    I don’t know him or where he came from. I feel almost like a freedom fighter from the Civil Rights movement because if you saw me you would probably wonder what does that suburban soccer mom mother of 3 care?

    Well I do care about children. He is a 17 year old child and he is being crucified for simply and confidently answering a question. What do we teach our children? To believe in yourself. Yet, when he shows that he does we knock him down and it’s not fair.

    I thought his voice was pretty good. I loved the way he moved around. I wish I had that type of rhythm honestly. But the reason I voted for him was because I think he is being bashed unfairly and I am now on a mission just to tell the truth. That’s all.
    Thank you

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