AI – Week 1

I was traveling this week, so I watched all of the shows a day late…so my review is also coming a little late. Overall, I wasn’t too surprised by the performances or the results. more

Mandisa – She sang a Heart song, which I thought could be pretty exciting but it ended up being kind of boring. She did OK, but I don’t think “OK” will win the show.

Kellie – I’m admittedly biased and I just like this girl. I thought she started of very shaky, but she got into her song and brought it around. I’d love to see Kelly win, but based on last week’s performance, I’m not sure that is possible.

Becky – She got this far on looks alone, but I don’t think even her looks can keep her after that god-awful performance.

Ayla – Her performance was the same, as Ayla is to me in general. Good but forgettable. Both Ayla and Ace are the pretty, all-american kids but they are so boring for me.

Paris – My husband said it best…”Tootie on crack”. Hee-hee! I really like Paris, but vocally, I think she’s capable of so much more. She offered up a great show, but the vocals were left behind in the process.

Stevie – Awful…simply awful. I know that Stevie has some serious talent, but I just don’t think it is meant for this competition. This vocal lacked any power what-so-ever.

Brenna – I can’t stand this girl. She’s so phony. She doesn’t care about the music, her heart isn’t in it and it shows. She cares about airtime. She is so unreal, that I don’t buy her “MeMa” story at all. I think everything is about performing for her. Except of course when she’s actual supposed to perform. I think she really sucked wind last week.

Heather – Not great. I kind of like her, so I hope she sticks around and steps up her game.

Melissa – This is her first airtime, because she must have been too nice to make the cut. Nice people make the cut if there is a sob story to go along with it, but she must not have had a sob story. I like her though. I thought she did very well and I’m excited to see more from her.

Lisa – Wow…just WOW. This girl sings with the maturity of a middle-aged woman. Her vocals are seasoned and powerful. She expressed so much emotion. She can win this thing!

Kinnik – What kind of name is Kinnik? That aside, I thought she did quite well. The judges didn’t seem at all impressed. Perhaps because she followed a little starlet, but I liked it. I thought it was classy and the vocals were strong.

Katherine – OMG! I love her. I absolutely love her. Before now, I thought that Lisa was the winner of this show. Not it could be either. Wow. Anytime they do Streisand, either it is incredible or awful. She nailed it and she didn’t once sound like a Streisand impersonator. Wow. Did I mention…WOW?!?

So, there you have it. If it were up to me, I’d send Becky & Brenna home.

Now for the guys:

Patrick – I wasn’t feeling this at all. I don’t think it was a good song choice for him, because I think he has a very sweet voice. Too bad…this might send him home.

David – I didn’t think it was great, but I enjoyed it. The judges were harsh…to harsh, I think.

Bucky – I was pleasantly surprised. This rough redneck kid could be another Bo Bice…with some tips from a stylist and some work on his teeth.

Will – Not good. He tried to do some Jackson 5 and it just wasn’t good. I think this kid has some talent, but you wouldn’t know it based on this performance. It is too early to screw it up that badly.

Sway – MY EARS ARE BLEEDING! I hated it. I really, really hated it. I was quite surprised to hear the positive judge comments because I really, really, really hated it.

Chris – This guy is hot. I know everyone is crazy about Ace, but this guy is really hot. I was quite concerned to hear that he was doing Bon Jovi, but many he blew it away. It was incredible and an excellent song for him. I can’t wait to see how this guy takes on the stylized shows, because he really has his own style.

Kevin – Man, I love this kid. The vocals were good, but you could really see his age in his performance…or lack there of. I like him though, he’s so sweet and cute. The girls are totally mackin’ on that cuteness factor.

Gideon – I’m not crazy about this performance. It looked so “drag queenish”. The vocals were OK…I don’t think they were great, but when he danced and moved, it was almost cartoonish, because it was so overdone and dramatic.

Elliot – This kid can sing. The stylists need to work some magic, because sadly, he won’t be able to stay for long with a face that only a mama could love, but he’s got talent oozing out of his pores. Perhaps…America will see that and act accordingly.

Bobby – Wow, that was bad. It was safe and boring, but I can say one thing…the guy has charisma. He’s probably going home, but I bet he’ll do it with a smile.

Ace – He did alright. I think it was a safe song but it worked for him and even I got a little swooney when he said he wanted to be “warm and naked” at my side. Yes, I’m fairly certain he was singing to me. I still get bored by him though. He just doesn’t entertain me like some of the others.

Taylor – Consider me entertained! This guy is amazing. The way he feels music from the top of his salt & pepper hair, down to his toes. He’s got it going on. I WANT TAYLOR TO WIN. I love him bunches. Way to close the show.

I’d send Bobby and Sway home if it were up to me.

Results – Becky & Stevie are going home. It is about time for Becky and Stevie just didn’t cut it either. Bobby & Patrick are going home. I’m absolutely on board with Bobby. I would have sent Sway instead of Patrick…but Patrick didn’t do so hot, so I can’t really argue with the results.


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