No Rest for the Wicked

Last week I worked my behind off getting caught up on various projects at work that have been hanging over my head. There is still a lot left on the list, but I was able to cross many projects off. Then Monday evening, the hubby and I had our first at-home Bible study. We’ve been talking about doing it for weeks and finally resolved to get it done.

I was very happy about that. I feel like I need to learn the Bible for my son. I wasn’t raised with the Bible. I don’t know many of the Bible stories that everyone knows. I want my son to grow up knowing the Bible, so it makes sense that I would too. I started reading from the beginning and I would read to Gabe each night. Since he became mobile, however, he just won’t sit still for any reading now. I need to make my own time to continue reading, but I think this Bible study will help and doing it with Mike is very helpful. He knows much more about the Bible than I do. I look to him when I have questions and I don’t feel stupid asking Mike questions. My Mom goes to a Bible study that our church has on Tuesday’s and everyone has been trying to get to me to attend. I know it is silly, but I just feel insecure about going given my lack of knowledge. I don’t want to go and feel stupid, because I don’t know the scriptures they are discussing or I just don’t understand them. I will probably give it a try next week…but I’m not really looking forward to it.

Then on Tuesday, I had a doctor’s visit and had an ingrown toenail cut out and burned with acid so it won’t return (hopefully). Immediately following, we had a leadership meeting at church, in which I was a large part. I recently offered to take over calendar coordinatation for the church. Little did I know that our small church was so full of activities! It is a good thing, but we were in the meeting from 6:30-9:30 PM. That is extremely difficult and tiring, since I had to take Gabe so Mike could sleep. He was really good and he went down at his usual bed time (8:00 PM), but it was still pretty exhausting.

Wednesday evening, Mike and I started a new schedule to bill-pay/budget twice a week. We really need to get a hold of our finances and spending. So, we need to have a schedule to get it done.

Thursday I spent the evening typing up minutes from the Church leadership meeting and then working on the calendar. I was up until after midnight trying to get that done.

Our church is currently having a Revival with a guest speaker. The revival took place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening last week and on Sunday over the weekend and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I decided that Friday I would attend the evening Revival service. It was pretty good. I enjoyed some parts and there were other parts that I wasn’t too keen on. Juggling Gabe through the service proved to be a little difficult too. When I got home Friday night, I was just exhausted.

Saturday, I still felt like I was recovering…but I had so much that needed to get done. I was way behind on my Avon. I still had to work on the church calendar. Laundry was piling up. I managed to work on all three and actually got my Avon caught up.

Sunday, we drove to Missouri for my Step-Mom’s surprise 50th birthday party. Gabe really enjoyed hanging out on Dad’s farm. He spent a lot of time outside. He’s such a loner though. There were a ton of other kids there, but for the most part, he didn’t have anything to do with them. After spending several hours on the farm, we stopped by Mike’s folks place in Nebraska City on the way home.

I was really happy that his Mom didn’t get called in to work. It was her day to be on call, so we knew there was a risk. Mike has visited his family a few times recently, but I really haven’t seen them in quite some time. I missed them a lot and was happy we got to hange out there for a while. Plus it was a relaxing way to unwind after being out on the farm with a million people, many we don’t know. Gabe was a doll too. He was an extremely happy boy. Which is surpising because we had our first bad accident just before we left for Missouri in the morning.

While Mike and I were both running around, getting ready to go. The back door was open. Gabe hadn’t been able to open the screen door in the past, so we didn’t think much about it…until we heard Gabe crying and found him face down on the patio. He managed to get out the back door and fell off the back porch to land on the concrete patio. It was just three steps, but that is a pretty long drop for a one-year old and even longer when you land on your head. He’s got a pretty hefty goose egg on his forehead and some road rash on the side of his face and elbow. Needless to say we felt horrible. Bad, bad parents!

A busy week, weekend and an injured kid. I need a vacation!



  1. Firebrand said,

    April 24, 2006 at 12:22 pm

    Sounds like quite the chaotic week! I know I’d probably be (or should I say probably will be!) upset if my child fell like that, too, but take heart… I did that I don’t know HOW many times and I’m ok! :mrgreen: I think falling down and getting a goose egg now and again are rites of passage for growing up…

  2. Cris said,

    April 26, 2006 at 11:36 am

    Poor Gabey. I hope he’s ok soon!

    Sounds like you could use a vacation. Too bad we don’t get summer’s off like in school.

    Glad to see you catching us up to speed. I always enjoy hearing about what’s going on with y’all. 🙂

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