There are angels among us…

I read the local news articles every day and I usually walk away angry at criminals or injustice. Today is different. As I type this post right now, I can’t stop crying. I just read this article about a Mom that loses her battle with cancer during one last family vacation. Yes, I shed tears for the lady who apologized to her parents as her body failed her. However, most of my tears are shed in gratitude to the angels among us. There were so many beautiful angels in this story. While boarding the plane to fly to Florida so Lynette Marie Angers could take her children to Disneyland, a complete stranger asked why her Father, who was assisting his wheel chair bound daughter onto the plane wasn’t going. He explained that he had to work. Angers’s Mother was going along. While on a layover flight in Atlanta the stranger offered to pay the $700 plane ticket for Anger’s Father to join them and he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. This stranger must have known how important this trip would be for the family. This nameless stranger is truly an angel…but not the only angel.

Then there is the Father’s boss at Huber auto dealership who insisted that he join his wife, daughter and grandchildren in Florida. Yes, he is another angel among us. In addition, let us not forget the many angels at Westside Baptist Church who raised the money for the trip and provided hospice nurses to tend to Angers while in Florida.

God bless all of you angels, God bless the parents, the hospice nurses and the children…

…and God bless you, Giggles.


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  1. amanda said,

    October 7, 2006 at 11:46 am

    hi all of you who may have read the article about my mom. it really touches me to know my mom left a great legacy that will never be forgotten. if the angel from the plane is out there i want to thank you for paying for my grandfathers ticket to join us, i can not tell you how much that means to not only me but my entire family. it truely was a miricale that person was sitting next to my grandma and payed for the ticket ,there just are not enough people like that in this world any more. please do me and my family a favor and do not take your parents or loved ones for granted because you never know what will happen next, or how long they will be alive.

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