In The News – First Installment

Every day I spend an appreciable amount of time reading on-line news articles. Some of the articles are local, some are global. I often send my hubby a link to an article with some commentary. So, I thought, why not post them.

Iowa Police: HIV-Infected Man Charged With Sexually Abusing Teens

I think this guy should be charged with attempted murder! My Mom said it best when she said there is a special place in Hell for this guy.

Voodoo killer gets 28 years in prison
Jilted man built shrine of former girlfriend’s underwear

Can you say FREAK? Big F-Big R-Big E-Big A-Big K!!!

Naked performance with dead pig branded “sick”

Art? What the hell…any one that says the following is certifiable.

“The work left me with an undercurrent of pigginess, unexpected fantasies of mergence and interspecies metamorphoses began to flicker into my consciousness; making fiercely tender and ferocious identifications with the pig as stand in, double, twin, doll, imaginary self.”

Two of those “words” aren’t even real words. Perhaps she is a certifiable artist…but I can’t believe that people are going to pay to see this. This is one of the few times that I actually side with the animal rights activists.

Flight passengers describe hours of bizarre behavior

“Passengers initially assumed the men who restrained Mrs. Mayo were federal air marshals but yesterday said they were passengers recruited by flight attendants who provided them with handcuffs.”

Chalk one up for the heroes among us. While most of the time, I find the news apalling…sometimes I get a glimpse of the everyday heroes around us. I’m so grateful to be able to read about humanity at it’s finest.

Thank you and that is all. 🙂


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