Please accept my apologies

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in so long. As you know, I started a new job three weeks ago and while everything is going well, it has been quite an adjustment. I had forgotten how tiring it was to work all day, come home and be my kid’s mom and then once Gabe is in bed, try my hardest to get to some of my wifely duties around the house.

It has been going pretty well at the new job. I have about 6 bosses, which could be problematic…but surprisingly, it isn’t. They are all very nice and they work together as a team. In fact, most everyone in our department is very team oriented. It is a refreshing change from what I’m accustomed. It is extremely fast pace. I get there and before I know it, it is time to go home. I enjoy that too…although I can see why my predecessor was overwhelmed at times. My bosses have been showering me with compliments and that feels really good. I’ll elaborate in another post. My head was spinning the first couple of weeks. Last week, I really started to feel like I owned the job.

To make things easier at home, I’ve been pre-cooking our meals on the weekend. That way, we don’t eat fast food every night or eat late…which potentially means dealing with a grumpy, hungry toddler. It is going very well…but it does take up much of the weekend. Between getting last minute groceries, cooking, catching up on the laundry and taking care of my son while Mike catches up on some much needed sleep…the weekend is here and gone before I know it. Yes, I’m whining a little…but at the same time, I’m really proud that I’ve been sticking to the plan.

In all the chaos though, I missed out on one of my most important wifely responsibilities. I forgot my handsome husband’s birthday. By the time Scott pointed it out, I had all ready remembered…but felt to horrible to discuss it with the internet. I have the greatest husband on the face of the planet and I do thank God for every day of my life with him. I never EVER want to forget my handsome hubby’s birthday EVER again.


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