As I entered the title for the post, I realized that I must have all ready used this title before, but I’m OK with that. A lot has gone on here lately. My Mom moved out on Wednesday. Not only did she move out, but she moved across the country to the Northern West Coast. I miss her, but it sure is nice to have the house back.

Really, it was pretty easy having her here. She was always busy, so we didn’t see her much. The hardest part would be sharing the bathroom and giving up space that we had used previously. Which is consequently part of what we are enjoying now that she’s gone. We moved our computers into the dining room and soon, we can move them back upstairs. There are a couple shelves in the bathroom that we gave to her that are empty now and I’m planning out how to reorganize in my head. When she moved in, she stored all of her belongings in our basement. It basically consumed the entire basement. As she has planned this move, she went through all of that stuff. She threw a lot of it out. She took some of it with her and what is left is consolidated into one corner of the basement to be taken away by a moving company in December. This has basically given us 3/4 of our basement back and in December, we’ll have the whole basement back. It is quite nice to have the space back.

Just before she left, we took Gabey trick-or-treating for the first time. He wasn’t feeling the greatest, so it was a little difficult…but still pretty fun. Visit Flickr to see the pictures.

I also got some sad new this morning. My aunt passed away last night. I really don’t know the details, nor do I expect to find them out…that is just how my family works, but I’ll be attending her viewing tomorrow. She didn’t want a funeral, so she’ll have a viewing and then she’ll be cremated. I’m not big on funerals, but still it all seems so abrupt. We stopped by my Aunt & Uncle’s home today and I got to see family that I haven’t seen in years. It was kind of nice. Once upon a time, my Dad’s side of the family congregated every Sunday at my Grandma’s house. When she passed away that all came to an end. Everyone went their own direction and we all lost touch. I saw my cousin, Sherry. She is the same age as me and we grew up together. We got in a lot of trouble together and we had a lot of fun together. She was my best friend for a couple of years and then we lost touch, just like everyone. I saw her today and I was shocked to see a 12-year old girl that looked just like my best friend from years and years ago. Her daughter is her spitting image and this was the first time I’ve ever met her. I’m hopeful to see my other cousin, Jeff tomorrow. Strange how one death tore the family apart and another brought them together.

Well, that is about all for now. Since my Mom moved across the country, I’m really going to try and post more often, so she can stay up to date. Wish me luck on that!


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  1. Firebrand said,

    November 8, 2006 at 2:33 am

    Wow…can’t believe your mom moved so far away! What a big change for her and you! Sorry to hear about your aunt, too…but it is nice to have been able to reconnect with family (coming from a very dysfuncitonal family, I really get this!).

    Good luck with updating…I’ve discovered just how hard that can be when working full-time and taking care of a little one, too!

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