Family to Friend of the Family to Murderer

Earlier in the summer I stumbled upon a local news article about some mushroom hunters that found remains of a body in a barrel. I was intrigued, but shrugged it off until a few days later I talked to my step-sister who informed me that my family presumed the remains to belong to a former friend of the family’s ex-wife.

This former friend of the family was Tom Tomich. Before he was a friend of the family, he was my step-uncle. My Dad’s ex-wife’s brother. I referred to him as an Uncle and his daughters as my cousins. I’ve spent the night in his house with my cousins, as well as my cousin spent the night with me at my Dad’s place. I knew that Alicia’s mother “left town” and abandoned her daughter. Why would I question that, I was 10 or 11 years old at the time?

Apparently Tom made mention to several people and maybe even members of my family that he killed Lois and put her in a barrel. Since I heard that news, I’ve been waiting and wondering about the testing of the remains. I heard a few weeks later that my ex-cousin provided DNA for comparison. After that point there hadn’t been any news until yesterday, when the remains were confirmed to be Lois Tomich. I hadn’t seen Tom in many years. I know what he looks like and I remember that he always had a slick used-car-salesman attitude and he really wasn’t a very like-able guy…but I didn’t peg him to be a murderer.

Now, I know that it is useless to question the mentality of a man who would strangle his daughter’s mother, but I can’t help to be completely sickened by his utter cowardice. Yesterday, his daughter finds out that her Mother was murdered and today her Father plummets to his death. The least he could have done was face the consequences rather than burden his child with two outrageous and horrible tragedies.

Now they think he might be linked to the disappearance of at least one other woman.

I don’t even know what to say…Alicia and Amanda will be in my thoughts an prayers.


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