Justice or not? You decide.

I just read this article and I’m furious. I’ve mentioned several times on my blog, my views on child molestation and the consequences. If it were up to me, child molesters would NEVER walk the streets again once convicted. It isn’t that I have no mercy for child molesters. I do and I think their best chance of being “cured” is God. It has often been said that the best place to find God is in “lock-up”. So, we are actually doing them a favor…but the real issue is that we cannot take a risk with the innocense of our children. We cannot risk that these offenders won’t commit these acts again. For even the most resiliant of children, these unthinkable acts will change them in ways that may never be mended. I don’t want my children at risk, do you?

So, how is this even justifiable? A judge is going to let a convicted child molester free because the trial went to court 10 days later than the six-month speedy-trial deadline. Never mind the fact that he’s all ready been convicted of one count of sexual assault and has only served 2 of his 7.5 year sentence. Which is all ready a lean sentence when a friend entrusts her 11-year old child to do some chores for you to earn money for art supplies and you decide that those chores should be sex acts.

I was watching a children’s show called “Johnny and the Sprites”. It is a show that I enjoy more than my son actually does because John Tartaglia is goofy and he makes me happy. This particular episode was about rules. The sprites were arguing constantly and Johnny soon realized that they had no rules nor did they know what rules were. So, he taught them about rules then off they went and soon it was complete chaos because they had so many rules. In the end he had to teach them that rules were good but only if they made sense for everyone and there weren’t too many of them.

Does it make sense to have a rule that puts children in danger?



  1. Nana said,

    June 7, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    my thoughts exactly, how could any lawyer or judge even consider letting someone off like this because of a time issue!

  2. Brenda said,

    June 8, 2007 at 1:51 pm

    Hopefully the prosecutors will be able to work their way up in the court system and make them see that the later 4 counts and subsequent convictions should be upheld!

    And what’s the deal with only getting 7 1/2 years anyway?! That’s ridiculous!!

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