Evie Meets Her Doctor

We took Evie to our Pediatrician today. We’ve been on pins and needles since we brought her home…to some degree. They kept her for so long because she wasn’t eating enough and then after we brought her home, she wasn’t taking in the amount that they wanted her to take in…so, we hoped that she wouldn’t end up back in the hospital on a feeding tube.

We’ve been trying so hard to force her to eat more even after she just won’t take any more. So, we’ve been waiting for today with a little bit of anxiety. OK, I only had a little anxiety; Mike had a lot. When Evie was born she weighed 10 lbs 8 oz. At some point while in the NICU, she dropped to 9 lbs 2 oz. When she left the NICU, she was climbing back up in weight at 9 lbs 10 oz. So, we just wanted her to at the very least maintain that weight.

She weighed in today at 10 lbs 2 5 oz.!! We were so relieved. I love our Pediatrician. I love the way he is with the kids and I love the way he talks to us. He never talks above us. In fact, it is just like talking to another parent. He will often say, “I would do this” and we know he has children of his own, so it actually means something when he says he would or wouldn’t do something. While we were waiting to come home with Evie, I kept thinking that if I could just get her home, I would work with OUR doctor and everything would be just fine. I think that even more now. She’s thriving and our doc thought she was a picture of good health.

We both felt so good leaving this appointment. My baby girl is home and she’s doing very well and life is good.

Now on to the next obstacle…Gabey is very constipated and he cries every time he tries to poop. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he refuses to eat anything but Goldfish crackers and corn chips. I’ve got him eating bacon, bran cereal, fiber bars and juice. Any other advise from parents out there?


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