Bottle Feeding Advice

Having a baby? Not sure what bottle to buy? Here is my friendly Mommy advice. After having my second child, I have realized that you can’t have any clue what bottle to use. Playtex Ventaire Wides worked best for Gabriel. So, I was dead set on using them again with Evie. She’s not crazy about them.

So, if you can’t breastfeed or choose not to breastfeed, my suggestion…don’t buy a lot of any specific kind of bottle. By an assortment and let your child decide. Use the following to make the final decision. How well do they take the nipple? How much milk do they lose either out of the nipple or their mouth while feeding? How much do they spit up afterward?

Decide what works best and then buy some more bottles in that brand.

As a side note…with regards to breastfeeding…DO NOT harbor guilt if you cannot or choose not to breastfeed. There are people out there that believe breastfeeding is the only way. There are also people that think bottle feeding is the only way. The truth is that either are acceptable. There are health advantages to breast feeding such as the immune system boost, etc. There are emotional advantages to bottle feeding such as Daddy can bond with the baby during feeding times and share the feeding responsibility equally. There are pros and cons to each. Do what is best for your family. Do what feels right for your family and when you come across that person that believes feeding a baby is a “black & white” issue with no “gray”…just thank them for the advice and walk away knowing that you did what is right for YOUR family.


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