A Mother's Fear

I’m terrified people. Just 20 minutes ago, I was fighting to keep my eyes open while I tried to spend every last moment with my husband before falling asleep. Then we hear Gabey crying in the monitor. We let him cry for a few minutes because sometimes he wakes up crying, but if we give him a few minutes he will go back to sleep. Not this time. He kept crying and he’s be suffering from a cold, so we know he’s congested. Mike goes up to check on him and soon he comes down with Gabey in his arms while Gabe is barely able to breath. He sounded a bit like a seal with each breath he fought to take. We immediately decided that he needed to go to the ER. So, I held him and comforted him while Mike ran around and got ready.

Rather than take Evie out in the cold, I’m staying home with Evie…but I’m about to wear a hole into the hard wood floor. I’m terrified and in the moments it took to get ready and get him in the car, he got even worse. Gabe has been such a healthy, strong little boy that I haven’t really had any reason to be really scared about his well being. I don’t like it and I want him home, in lieu of being home, I just want to be holding him right now.


1 Comment

  1. Michele said,

    December 5, 2007 at 3:10 pm

    😥 I can’t imagine what was worse..taking Gabe or sitting at home worrying. Both had to have been awful. I hope little man is better. Give him love….

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