Unplanned Renovations

Things that can only happen to us…

So, a couple of weeks ago, on a Monday morning, I go through my usual routine. I got ready, got the kids fed and dressed and left for work. Now, you see, we live in an older home. Our garage is a detached garage off the alley. I’m almost certain it was an afterthought that was built many years after the house was built. I’m also pretty certain that it wasn’t built by professional contractors. The structure itself is just barely large enough to accommodate two vehicles. It is mainly built out of cinder block that are plastered together. The very top of the garage is wood with siding and shingles. There is no connection to the house and no external entry other than the garage door itself. The garage door is electric and we use a key pad to enter from the outside or the garage opener remotes.

So, I get to the garage door that Monday morning and I enter the code and it won’t open. I try it a couple times and still nothing. Perplexed, I go into the house and tell Mike that we might have a problem. He kept a remote opener in his coat, so I took that out and tried it that way…still nothing. So, I go back inside and call work. I have no way to get to our vehicles and consequently no way to get to work. I let them know that I’ll be late and I don’t know how long it will be. We call a garage door repair company and they basically say that if there isn’t an external key entry installed the only thing they will be able to do is cut a hole in the garage or remove the door. Oh, snap! So, rather than pay a company to destroy our garage, Mike grabs some power tools and heads out to do some damage himself.

About 30-45 minutes later…the hole:


Basically, Mike had to cut a hole in the upper part of the garage that is wood and siding. Then he had to climb through and drop down into the garage, release the safety switch and open the garage. He found out that there is a switch on the open/close button inside the garage that locks the door closed. Somehow that switch got flipped, rendering it impossible to open the garage…unless of course, that external key entry had been installed and functional.

So, for about a week, we had this lovely plastic covered skylight in our garage:

Plastic Skylight? Plastic Skylight?

Now Mike has fashioned a door to cover our newly remodeled garage:
The door.

Like I said…it could only happen to us! 🙄


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