Happy Mother's Day To Me

Mother’s Day is a big reminder to me of exactly how blessed I am. I have a handsome, kind, loving and giving husband. I have two gorgeous children who bring me joy every day of my life. I am a wife. I am a Mother. I am blessed.

Friday I got a call from my husband that he and the kids wanted to take me to lunch. I was thrilled. There are few things I enjoy more than hearing from my hubby mid-day with an invitation to join him and the kids. I was greeted with a card from the kids. It was signed by Gabey inside and a cute, red, finger-paint, Evie hand print on the back. In the card was a sticker honoring me as a Mom. I wore it with pride the rest of the work day.

Given how tight money is these days due to our medical debt, I assumed that would be my gift and truly that was more than enough. I was so surprised to wake up this morning and find a card and gift from Mike. I read the card at a quarter to six this morning and I cried:

To My Beautiful Wife on Mother’s Day
If you could look into my heart, you’d see
All the lovely things you are to me.

All the thoughts I somehow can’t express
About your love, our home, our happiness…

If you could look into my heart, you’d know
The many reasons why I love you so.

Happy Mother’s Day
All My Love,

Thank you for being the mother of my children, my best friend, and my wife. I will love you forever.

I couldn’t even type that without tearing up again. With the card was a gift that I’ve been wanting for a very long time. It is a digital photo-frame. When they first came out on the market a few years ago, a previous department that I worked for bought one for an exiting VP that we were all very fond of. It was about $300 and I was so envious. Now the price has come down quite a bit and I walk by desk at work and see their pictures and I’ve wished I could get one for my desk so I can show off my family to all and have a reminder of what I get to go home to each day. It was perfect. Today is perfect. My family is perfect!

Thank you, Baby.


1 Comment

  1. Michele said,

    May 12, 2008 at 7:31 am

    😥 7:30 in the morning and you already made me cry!! That was so awesome!! I’ve always said what a good man Mike is. I love your family and the good example it has played in my life of what is good.

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