My Baby Boy

We were supposed to visit my Dad’s family in Missouri today, but Gabe is home bedridden today. He either strained his neck while wrestling with Daddy yesterday or he slept wrong, but he woke up at 4 AM this morning crying and repeating over and over that he hurt while grabbing his the back of his neck with both hands. We didn’t have much children’s pain reliever, so I gave him what we had and held him while he cried for the next 4 hours. He did sleep for about an hour in the middle.

I finally had to wake Mike up at 8:00 AM so I could go to Walgreen’s and get more pain reliever. Gabe is in pretty good spirits though, as long as he is laying on the couch in a position that doesn’t hurt. I had to make him go pee-pee a little while ago. That was no fun. Moving causes him great pain and he can’t understand how to manage it like an adult would. So, I basically felt like I was torturing him just to carry him into the bathroom.

So, we won’t be going to Missouri and Gabe is going to have a movie marathon day today. My poor little boy.
couch-ridden Gabey


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