Because Meals Matter

Well, those of you that know me well, know that I’m a little bit insane when it comes to lists. I make lists for all occassions. I’ve got cleaning lists, to-do lists, event organization lists, you name it. I mentioned it quite some time ago in a previous post. One of the things I do, that I both enjoy and find necessary to remain on a decent diabetic diet is create a weekly menu. I’ve been doing a weekly menu for quite some time. I’ll sit down and put together what we are all going to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7-days. Then I’ll use the menu to help me create a grocery list. I have another list with “staples”. These are the items that we always keep on hand and so I can always add them to the grocery list when we need them. Such as toilet paper or milk.

Well, I recently stumbled across a website that does all of this. It is amazing. It is called and it is my new favorite website. It has a recipe database and if you set up a free account, you can add recipes and create your own cookbook. You may add other users recipes to your cookbook as well as your own. You may also block recipes from other uses (for that secret family recipe).

Then in another section, you can create your meal plans. This is particular slick because you can link to recipes on the site from your meal planner.

Then in another section, you can create your grocery list. What is particularly cool is that you can used the linked recipes in your meal plan to auto populate your grocery list with the correct ingredients.

There is another section called the pantry where you can add the “staple” items to auto populate your grocery list.

To top it off, you can categorize your grocery list by sections in the store. This helps you get in an out of the store just a tad bit quicker…and when you are toting around two little ones, this is very nice.

I love it! It is like this site was made just for me! Want to see &/or enjoy some of my recipes: click here.


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  1. Sara Miller said,

    November 17, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    Jenifer- Thank you so much for the glowing praise for Meals Matter! The site was developed for moms just like you and we’re always so pleased to hear we’ve helped! Please be sure to check out our section on toddler eating habits! If you’d like to contact me off line, please do so!

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