Well, we had a fun, but busy Halloween. If possible, I try to take Halloween off at work, so Mike can sleep in and take part in the festivities in the evening.

I took Halloween Friday off from work but it sure was a busy day! I got up with the kids, we all got ready and went out for breakfast. I love taking the kids to breakfast. It is just “us” time. We typically have breakfast at Super Saver every Saturday morning before we get groceries. It was nice to have an extra day to get breakfast with the kids.

Then we drove to Omaha to drop off Evie’s heart monitor. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but since Evie had issues with her heart as a newborn, we’ve had regularly scheduled trips to a cardiologist, which have included Evie wearing a monitor for 24 hours a few days prior to our appointment with the cardiologist. So, basically it is one trip to Children’s hospital to have the heart monitor hooked up. Another trip to drop off the heart monitor so they can read the results prior to the visit and the third trip for the actual appointment. So, I was handling the 2nd trip. While we were there we realized that they were having a “Fall Festival” in their lobby.

We hung out and did that for a while. There were games, with a lot of prizes; face painting; pumpkin painting; loads of fun to be had. I wished I had Evie’s stroller for the excursion though! Then by the time we wrapped up at the hospital, it was all ready 11:00 AM. So I headed home so we could have some lunch and put the kids down for their nap.

I was hoping they would nap early, because I planned to take them to one of the ConAgra buildings that was having a trick-or-treating event. No such luck, but we rushed after the nap and still made it for the last 20-30 minutes of the event.

Then we headed to my Brother’s place. We don’t have much trick-or-treat activity in our neighborhood, so we always take the kids to my brother, Mike’s place. His wife, Lea, always puts on a big show. She outdid herself by making chili, cornbread, guacamole dip, candy corn nut mix, caramel apples, brownies and more! They have a ton of kids in their neighborhood too and nearly every porch light is on. It was a lot of fun and Gabe had a bit more stamina this year than the past years.

So, it was a full day!

Plus, we had the actual Cardiologist visit this week. Evie is now completely off medication to regulate her heart, her readings were completely normal and we don’t have to go to the cardiologist anymore! I look at her now and it is hard to believe she spent so many days in the NICU. 🙂


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