My Life, My Beautiful, Wonderful Life

I just had a moment. One of those moments where everything makes sense. One of those moments where you actually wonder if you can see God’s hands in your world. It was a simple moment. Gabe fell asleep in our bed, while Mike and I watched a movie in the living room. When the movie ended, and Mike held our sleeping boy in his strong and powerful arms that is when the moment happened.

In an instant, I saw Gabe’s cheek peacefully resting on his Daddy’s shoulder while he hung in Mike’s arms like a rag doll. I saw the strong, honest, kind and handsome man that I married carrying my first born child. In that same moment, I saw the house around me. The toys strewn all over the house. One lonely dining chair in position from when me made a blanket fort last night. My panty hose all over the floor in the bedroom, because Evie loves to empty drawers or baskets of clothes. A basket of laundry waiting patiently to be washed.

In that moment all I can think is this is my life, my beautiful, wonderful life.


1 Comment

  1. nana said,

    November 15, 2008 at 7:57 am


    It is so nice to know that you and Mike are very happy, that’s the best thing a mother can here, is that her son is loved so very much. Thank you!

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