Parental Advice

So, can a 3 year old (almost 4 year old) be depressed? Gabe just hasn’t been himself lately. He could just be recovering. The entire family spent last weekend horribly sick with a violent stomach bug. Mike, Gabe and I all spent about 12 hours puking. Starting at 9:00 PM Friday night, Gabe was the first to lose his dinner. Mike and I followed suit. For the first 5 hours, Gabe and I laid in my bed, puking and heaving every 30 minutes. The poor kid didn’t know what hit him. Since Mike and I really hadn’t slept at all Friday night, when Saturday rolled around we just had to parent in 2-hour shifts, while the other slept. I think we all felt better Sunday, just sore and weak from vomitting and tired from the lack of sleep.

So, maybe he’s just still recovering, but this week, he just hasn’t seemed himself. Tonight we had his favorite dinner (pirate food) and he wouldn’t eat anything. He seems lethargic and kind of sad.

I worry that he could be ill, but Mike says seem fine during the day for the most part. Mike thinks he just has some “after the holiday” blues. Is that possible for a 3 year old?


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