What do do?

Several years ago when we moved into our home we noticed a neighbor’s yard that was in terrible shape. It wasn’t just in needs of some clean-up…the brush and the weeds had taken over and were waist high. We discussed calling the city and I was planning on doing so but just never got around to it. That particular neighbor we’ve grown very fondly of over the years. In fact he just may be the only neighbor that we like. His yard is well maintained these days and we found out that around that particular time, he had open heart surgery and was unable to care for his yard.

If we knew that then, we never would have considered calling the city. In fact we probably would have done what we could to help. We didn’t have children at the time, so that would have been possible.

I remember thinking that I would think twice before ever considering an action like that again because you never know the circumstances.

Well, I’m thinking twice and I think it is time to make a call. The neighbors on our bordering property are terrible neighbors. They always have been. It isn’t that they aren’t nice, I suppose they are nice enough…but they don’t maintain their property at all. One of them is a convicted child molester. They have littered the neighborhood with cats that they don’t care for let alone spay or neuter. A few years back they tried to sell the property and someone I know toured the house. He claims it was roach infested and terribly run down. This didn’t surprise me…in fact it confirmed my suspicions. Every now and then we’ll see a roach in our home or outside our home. We don’t “have” roaches. In fact we can go several months without seeing them…but yet we still see them occassionally. I always thought a home nearby must be infested.

In addition to the roach issue, we live on the edge of the bluffs and have a problem with poison ivy growing in the yard. It is a problem that I think would be significantly less if our neighbors took better care of their property…but they don’t so it makes it nearly impossible to ever get rid of the poison ivy. This is a big concern because I don’t want the kids around it and Mike is terribly reactive to it.

Right now, their yard is in particularly terrible shape. I’m sure the city would respond with haste if they were called. But here is the catch. The man that lives there that does the yard maintenance and probably any other necessary maintenance was taken to the hospital. Even though they are terrible neighbors that buys them some time. Especially after the situation mentioned above with our neighbor, John.

But last night…the absolute most disgusting thing ever happened. We had some nice steaks to grill. Our grill sits near the fence line of our property. Mike went out to start the grill, removed the cover and 4 roaches go scurrying along our patio. 3 more roaches were taking cover on the side shelf of the grill and the grill cover was full of them. It has been less than a week since we used the grill, so that happened in a few days. Their yard is completely over grown and I’m sure the interior of the home is in terrible shape.

I think this warrants a call to the city? What do you think?


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  1. Tracy said,

    July 20, 2009 at 9:44 am

    As much as I want to be Christian and treat things like that with grace, roaches are a non-negotiable for me. If it’s going to start affecting MY household, I would absolutely call the city. Yuck. And the thing is, maybe it’s just a matter of something that has gotten out of hand for them, and calling would give them the kick in the pants they need to take care of it?

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