The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Five plus years ago, before our children were born, we embarked on a mission to improve the home we’d been enjoying for a year or two. Small improvements…painting the living room and the dining room. This is the bulk of our floor space on our main floor. They are two very large rooms with a large arched doorway between the two. So, we decided it would be best to paint them together in colors that we knew would compliment each other.

So, we bought ALL of the paint and got started in the living room. That was our first painting experience and consequently it took a lot longer than expected. We did everything by the book and I was probably a little too cautious. We also chose a deep red color for the living room, which took a few more coats than expected to even out…since we didn’t prime first. Lesson learned. So, nearly two weeks after we started the project we were done with the living room and it looked fabulous. It was exhausting though and we needed a break before we took on the dining room.

Well, pregnancy and our first born came along before we ever started the dining room. Then when he was old enough to deal with while painting…pregnancy and the second child came along.

So, five plus years later we dug the paint out of the basement and last weekend we began to finish the project we started many, many moons ago. Since then we had a little issue with a window unit air conditioner and we had some water damage on the ceiling that we were eager to cover.

So, my brother-in-law and family came over to help us out with the project last Sunday. We got started before they arrived with the first application of KILZ on the ceiling. Well that was the plan anyway. Soon after starting to apply, the textured ceiling starting peeling and flaking off all around us. Now, we never liked the texture, because it was a dust magnet that was impossible to clean but we certainly thought it would be easiest to paint over it and call it done. We realized that wasn’t going to be the case…so we promptly changed our plans. With family coming over to help we knew it wouldn’t be prudent to remove the texture Sunday, so instead we decided to go ahead and get the walls painted and tackle the ceiling later.

We did just that. We got the dining room and the hallway painted Sunday night last week. I had Monday off, so I spent Monday working on the trim and a faux finish on a few of the walls. It turned out lovely, except for the water damaged, pocky, icky looking ceiling.

So, this week, we took that project on. Mike and I, but mostly Mike, spent all day Saturday removing the ugly cottage cheese texture. The house is so full of dust, it is absolutely absurd. Today, we got two coats of KILZ on there and soon we will get the nice and nearly smooth ceiling painted with the tan color that matches the non-faux walls in the dining room and will also match the ceiling and trim in the living room, pulling both rooms together as originally planned.

So, some basic remodeling that was 5 years in the making will be done this week and I can get my house back together, because it is driving me crazy…but it is looking so good!


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