My man, my love and the greatest Daddy ever!

It is time to blow the dust of this old blog of mine. I’ve written and re-written this post a few times in my head over the past couple of weeks. I had every intention of writing this early this morning, but I’ve spent much of the day ill and consequently it has been a pretty lousy day for my husband even though this day is supposed to be the day we celebrate him. That in itself says so much about my babies Daddy.

Where is he right now?

He’s all ready made the weekly grocery trip to the grocery store for me because I was too sick to do it. He did that after he picked up the house and did a load of dishes all while watching the kids while I took a nap to try and cure the terrible headache that I was suffering. Now he’s off doing the weekly Wal*Mart trip to get the items that are cheaper at Wal*Mart than the grocery store. People who venture into Wal*Mart during weekend daylight hours deserve a medal! 🙂

Every day of his life he sleeps very little. We work opposite shifts so that we don’t have to do daycare and one of us is always home with the children. Consequently, we don’t see each other much and we are virtual single parents. In addition, Mike doesn’t really get to sleep and he hasn’t really been able to sleep for over 5 years. He doesn’t get home from work until after 5AM some nights and after only 2 hours of sleep, he has to get up and take care of our children while I head to work for the day. Then I get home and he gets a nap and if he’s lucky he may get 3 hours of sleep before he heads off to work. He’s tired and his body aches. His memory is shot and I’m sure each day is a struggle for him.

He doesn’t complain. He does this for our family each and every day. With any luck he gets some extra sleep and maybe some R&R over the weekend…but it isn’t like you can catch up on sleep. It isn’t like his body can recover in 2-days.

I know few men that would sacrifice like Mike sacrifices for his family. I wish I could make the children understand how lucky they are to have such a wonderful man for a father. They love him very much and they miss him when he’s sleeping. I think they know they have a great Dad but are just too young to understand how great he truly is. I get it though. I am so aware every day how blessed I am. Superficially speaking I’ve landed myself a really gorgeous fellow that loves me so much. He thinks I’m beautiful when I wake in the morning and have make-up all over my face and crazy cartoon hair. He loves me when I’m sick on Father’s Day and can’t take care of him like a man like him deserves to be taken care of. I married a really great man and an outstanding Father.

Mike, thank you for all that you do every day for our family. We are blessed to have you. Happy father’s day, my love.


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  1. June 17, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    […] This is a Father’s Day post that details some of the major sacrifices Mike has gladly endured for him family.  Titled My man, my love and the greatest Daddy ever!. […]

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