The Blogtastrophe!

So, well over a year ago we realized our finances no longer allowed us to pay for a web domain and hosting for our website.  When it was time for us to renew, our intention was to cancel and move to a free blog posting utility instead.  Then the time came to renew and we forgot to cancel.  Uh-oh! The service we used to retain our domain and host the site automatically renewed us consequently causing us to be in a financial panic, moving money like crazy to avoid overdraft charges.

I must admit though, it was bittersweet.  On one hand, we really couldn’t afford the site.  On the other hand, while I don’t blog as much as I did once upon a day, this was a journal…a historical online documentary of our lives.  Many of the milestones in our lives can be found somewhere in the pages of this blog.  Many of the heartbreaks we’ve endured can be found in here.  I paid money to have designers build fabulous templates for the site.  I love this blog and I was secretly very glad we renewed for another year even though we couldn’t afford it.

Well, a year has come and gone since then and it was time to renew again.  I was ready to let it go as long as we could move the data over into a free blogging utility.  So, that was our intention.  Then time passed and once again we neglected to do what we needed to do.  This weekend, Mike jumps out of bed in a panic.  He suddenly realized that the site was about to auto-renew once again.  There would have been no money to move this year.  It would have been a terrible situation.  So, he gets online and cancels the account in the nick of time.  At which point we realize, the data is gone.  We no longer have access to all of the posts and it is probably gone forever.  My heart dropped.  I could feel a lump building in my throat a little but I was on my way out the door to take the kids to church so I had to buck up and keep going.

Mike must have sensed my concern because when we got home, he immediately asked me if I was mad at him.  Of course, I wasn’t.  This wasn’t his fault, just a tragic mishap of timing and circumstance.   Regardless, he reached out to the company that hosted our site to see if there was any way to retrieve.  He worked on it through the day Sunday and Monday and managed to get the data back, as well as the designs I paid for, which are safely tucked away in case I’m ever able to run our own website gain.  He’s my hero.

So, that all said, this is our new FREE blog!  Complete with all that wonderful Roberts history.  🙂


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