I see…therefore I pee

Does anyone else have a bladder that is too tightly wired to their senses?  I can be perfectly fine then something I see, hear or touch has me crossing me legs or sprinting to the nearest restroom.  A fine example is today, while at work, I was away from my desk.  I had to stop in the copy room to scan a document.  I had to drop a couple of things off.  I figured while I was out and about I might as well stop in the ladies room.  I didn’t really have a pressing need to use the facilities but I was trying to be efficient.  So, I go in to the stall and at the moment I catch sight of the commode, all of the sudden, I’ve got to go like crazy!  I’m crossing my legs while I try to latch the stall door seriously contemplating just dropping trousers with the door wide open.


This isn’t the only time this has happened.  Putting keys in a door lock triggers it nearly every time.  Is this just a girl thing?  Is this just a me thing?

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