Best Free Cycle Ever!

Have you heard of Free Cycle?  It is a nifty little web community where you can post stuff you want to get rid of/give away or need.  The idea is that everything is FREE.  Often people post things after cleaning out storage or stuff they couldn’t sell in a yard sale.  Sometimes things are posted that are broken and free to the person who wants to fix it.  So many times I see requests for things.  One of the requests that I see most often are from women (or family and friends of women) who are starting over.  They are often leaving an abusive relationship, have children and are starting their lives from scratch.  These posts really get to me.  I imagine how brave and terrifying that would be for anyone.

Today, the post was a bit more interesting and made me chuckle a bit:

offer: a bunch of men’s clothing
short sized mans jeans, size medium and large size shirts. all on my front yard. he’s in jail and won’t be getting out before he’s deported. email me & they are yours

LOL.  I don’t know for sure, but I’ve got a feeling she might be a little bit happy about getting rid of this stuff.  😀


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