Kindergarten…The New First Grade

Every time I get a report card for Gabe, it makes me a little crazy.  I see something I didn’t see before and think, “He’s in kindergarten, for crying out Pete!”  He comes home and tells us about sentence structure, punctuation, who knows what else on a given day.  I’m pretty sure in kindergarten I did some finger painting and learned my ABC’s.  It was a half-day and one time on the way to the cafeteria to get graham crackers and milk for snack time I peed my pants.

Yet on Gabe’s report card there is a grade for “Applies a writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, publishing, using technology)”.  Another one reads “Use strategies to solve simple problems (represent, draw, look for patterns, use manipulatives)”.  I’m not even sure at age 38 that I know how to “use manipulatives” in mathematics.  For what it is worth, my internet spell check doesn’t even believe manipulatives is a word!

What happened to letting kids be kids?  Is this because we live in an age of day care?  Most kids are all learning the “old” kindergarten skills in day care and/or preschool?  I’m just not sure what to think about it.  Gabe does a good job taking it all in, so obviously he is capable…but is that good or bad in the long run?


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