The Good Dad Message

Watching Facebook today brings about mixed emotions.  I see some heart breaking status updates about dads or rather lack thereof.  I see status updates from many directed at their dads and husbands.  I saw a CNN blog post about the absence of dads in children’s lives.  I have friends who have children whose fathers are basically absent.  I know many who grew up without dads or with every-other-weekend dads.

All of this reminds me just how blessed me and the kids really are.  My husband is truly selfless when it comes to his children.  We don’t have enough money for one of us to stay at home, so while I worked days, he worked nights for 5 years and on just a few short hours of sleep he got up every day to take care of his children.  He changed diapers.  He prepared their meals.  He played with them.  He was a stay at home Dad who didn’t get the luxury of sleep at night.  He was amazing then and he was doing that on no sleep.  When Gabe started school last August, Mike moved to weekends only.  While the money is tight it is worth it.  Now he is a rested parent and a Daddy with energy is an even BETTER Daddy!  🙂  He took Gabe to school every day, he picked Gabe up from school every day.  He spent the time in between with his daughter.  He had conversations with Gabe’s teacher and remained engaged in Gabe’s behavior at school and his education.  He worked with Gabe on things that the teacher suggested.  At the end of the year, the teacher told Mike that Gabe was definitely ready for 1st grade.  While I know his teacher did a great job I also think that Gabe’s successful first year at school can be largely attributed to his awesome and attentive Daddy.

I could go on an on.  Mike is great in so many ways, I don’t have enough blog space or enough time to tell you everything.  Gabe isn’t the best at articulating yet, but I just now called him over to ask him what he thought about his Dad and the response was immediate, “I love him.  He’s my favorite.”

Gosh, I think that sums it up, really.  Mike, you are awesome.  Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and Dad.  We love you.  You are our favorite!


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  1. June 17, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    […] Another post talking about all the wonderful things Mike does and the sacrifices he endures for us.  Titled The Good Dad Message. […]

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