I live for Summer!

I love Summer activities.  I really, really love Summer activities.  I’m fortunate enough to enjoy Summer hours at work.  I put in a little extra time during the work week and I get to leave the office at 1:00 PM on Friday.  Truthfully, I rarely get to leave right at 1:00 PM but I usually get out early regardless.  Yesterday, I left about 1:45.  I arrived at home just after Mike and the kids enjoyed some S’mores by our firepit on the patio.  They were already dressed in swim-wear.  I got changed and we headed to the beach.

I love water in the summer.  I love pools and I really love the beach.  Say want you want about Manawa but the beach is pretty clean, I can float and the kids LOVE it.  We spent a few hours there and left right about the time I’d be leaving work on a normal work day.  It was wonderful.  Then we headed home, got cleaned up and headed out to Bayliss park picking up some dinner along the way.  We set up our chairs and a blanket and spread out so we could watch Megamind out under a clear night sky.  Before the movie started we managed to finally find the geocache stashed at the park too.  We’ve looked for that cache so many times and we finally found it with the help of my Mom!

I live for this stuff.  Going to the fountain park on Wednesday, watching movies at the park, Geocaching and going to the beach anytime that I can get there.  I wish the Summer would never end!


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