“I don’t want that check.”

There are many recognized parenting milestones:  crawling, first steps, starting school, first date, etc.

There are some milestones that aren’t the typical milestones.  I experienced one today.  I’m not sure what to call it though.  Perhaps “recognizing moderation”?  We have a computer game/video time chart.  The kids can get 4 twenty-minute blocks of time to spend on the computer either playing games or video surfing.  Today, Gabe blew through 2 twenty-minute sessions pretty quickly.  I pointed out when he asked for his second try that he was going through his time quickly and would be out of time soon.

Well, just a few minutes ago, he sat down at the computer and I asked him if he was using another “check mark”.  He forgot how many times he had used so far and said, “I’ve only got one check mark.”  I let him know that he used 2 and only has 2 left.  With that realization, he decided he didn’t want to use his 3rd check mark yet.  I was impressed.  I really don’t think I considered moderation at 6 years old.  I would have used all my time and then drove my parents crazy whining for the rest of the day.

I’m a proud mama.  🙂


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