I’m such a lucky lady.

I know I brag on my husband a lot, but I’m still fairly certain you have no idea how truly awesome and lucky I am to get to live the rest of my life with him by my side.  How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

  1. Mike deep cleans the house once a week.
  2. Mike does the majority of our laundry.
  3. Mike, who considers himself be mechanically challenged, did some online self-training and now changes the oil in both our cars and has even changed the brakes and made other repairs.
  4. Mike, who considers himself to be challenged in the way of home repair, is constantly doing stuff to make our home better and more organized and you have to know that is definitely a way to get to this OCD girl’s heart!
  5.  Mike is a fabulous Dad.  Our children adore him and want to be like him.  In fact Mike forfeits his own sleep so that he can provide but still care for our children and the family.
  6. Mike is the primary teacher (at home) for our kids Awana’s bible verses.  He works with them to make sure they memorize them.  He asks them about them daily.
  7. Mike does things and takes interest in things just because I love them.  He knows I love wildlife (birds, butterflies, interesting bugs, spiders, etc.) and he’ll send me pictures at work if he spots something he thinks that I would enjoy.  He knows that I love pink things.  If he spots a pink laptop or phone or something like that he always sends me the link to check it out.  He sends me pictures regularly of my kids doing cute or funny things.
  8. Mike humors me.  Mike is resistant to doing or trying anything new.  I like to try and cook new things.  Sometimes the new things I cook are fabulous.  Sometimes they truly suck.  Sometimes I make them knowing I’ll like it, but think there is a strong possibility that Mike won’t.  He likes the standard stuff and I like to try many different ethnic dishes.  He is so good about trying them and eating them even when they are really bad or not his cup of tea.

I can really go on and on and on.  I’m such a lucky woman.  I get to be his wife.  I get to grow old with him.  We’ve been together for 14 years, married for 11 and I’m pretty sure I love him more every day.  Just imagine what kind of mushy stuff you guys are going to have to read when we get to our 20 year…30 year…40 year…etc. anniversary.



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    […] Just because he is great post.  Titled I’m such a lucky lady. […]

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