You say Tornado and I say Potato

So this story might need a bit of a lead-in:

Lead in #1 – Evie often confuses tomatoes with potatoes and vise versa

Lead in #2 – The other day, when all this talk about the potential tornados was being had, Evie wanted to join in the conversation by stating the following in a very matter of fact tone, “Mommy, when the tormato comes, it will probably suck me up.  Don’t worry though, Mommy, when the tormato sucks me up and I’m in the tormato, I will say goodbye, like this.”  She waves and says, “Byyyeee”.  I shared this story with a few folks because I thought it was so cute and funny.  I think she may have heard it.

So, those are the lead ins.  Just now, I was upstairs supervising as the kids finished their chores and cleaned their room.  I happen to notice that one of their window panes has been colored and I have no doubt who the artist might be.  I call Evie over to the window and point at it.  She looks sheepishly at me.  I asked asked her if we color on the windows.  She said, “No.”  I asked her if we color on the walls.  She said, “No.”  I asked her what we use to color.  She said, “Paper.  But I’m four, I don’t know about paper.”

Me trying not to smile, “Yes, you do Evie.  You are a very smart little girl and you know about paper.”

Her, again spoken matter of factly, “But I say potato.”

Me, confused, “What??”

Her, “When there is something swirly in the sky I say it is a potato because I’m only four.”

Yup…that is the point in which I could no longer contain my laughter.  Man, I love that kid.


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