A Blast From The Past

Recently one of our hard drives crashed.  Fortunately, we pay for a service to back up all of our kids pictures and videos as well as important documents.  So, we were able to retrieve and this was a good time to reorganize and do some clean up.  While doing this clean up I’ve stumbled across so many wonderful memories.  I’ve been able to see pictures of my babies when they were actually still babies.

I just stumbled across a document.  A document that I created when Mike and I agreed on the names for our children.  We agreed on the names long before we were pregnant and I need to add that it is very fortunate that Evie was a girl because we couldn’t agree on a second boy name.  The document that I saved with their names was short and sweet.  Just their names and what they mean.  That tiny document brought me back to the time, well over 8 years ago…probably closer to 9 or 10 year, when Mike and I were sitting at our respective computers.   This was back when we had dual computers so we could “game” together.  🙂  We were going through names one by one.  Each of us having our own opinions.  Together we shot down many names until we finally landed on:

  • Evelyn (Irish, “Life”) Diana (Latin, “Divine”)
  • Gabriel (Hebrew, “God is my strength”) Donovan (Gaelic, “Dark Warrior”)

I love my little miracles and their wonderful names.  🙂



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