The Greatest Daddy EVER! We love you!

As I started to write this post I realized I can’t say it any better than I already have.  I’ve got the most awesome husband who is without a doubt the most awesome Dad.

The very first Father’s Day just a few months after we got to meet Gabe.  I couldn’t even have realized how awesome a Dad he would turn out to be.  Titled Thank You, My Love.

On our 5 year anniversary I mention his awesomeness as a husband and call out his awesomeness as a Daddy too.  Titled Five Years Ago Today.

Another Father’s Day post basically stating the obvious.  I’m a luck wife and my kids are super lucky!  Titled Happy Father’s Day.

Me admiring Mike doing yard work.  Titled Mike, I think you are beautiful.

This is a Father’s Day post that details some of the major sacrifices Mike has gladly endured for him family.  Titled My man, my love and the greatest Daddy ever!.

Gabe saying a prayer and thanking God for his great Dad.  Titled Thank you God, for my Daddy.

Another post talking about all the wonderful things Mike does and the sacrifices he endures for us.  Titled The Good Dad Message.

Just because he is great post.  Titled I’m such a lucky lady.

You can also check out my Facebook wall for countless status updates remarking on his greatness.

Mike – Our children are so blessed and so lucky to be able to have you for a Daddy.  I hope you always know how much I love you and I hope you always feel loved, admired, appreciated and respected by me.


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