It’s Not Funny! It’s Science!!

I’m writing this post mainly because I feel the need to record a recent occurrence with our children that made me laugh so hard I cried while driving.  Crying and driving don’t mix but fortunately I managed to maintain composure and continue driving ourselves home without incident.

So, we took the kids to McDonald’s Play Place today for lunch since it is the last day of Spring Break.  When it was time to leave our youngest decided to throw a huge fit.  Stomping and wailing.  It was both embarassing and funny.

We get into the car and in her 5-year old way is basically cussing out Mike and I.  “You are bad and you are going to have BAD day!”

It became increasingly difficult to be stern and parental, especially after she sobbed, “Oh the pain!”

Yes, that was my breaking point, I looked at Mike as I tried, very poorly, to stifle my laughter.  Evie saw me and asserted, “It’s NOT funny.  It’s science!”

Oh my heck, the drama.  The hilarious drama.


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