Family Wish Lists

Updated:  October 7, 2012

I suggest when looking at the Amazon list that you story by priority.  It will put the favorite items at the top of the list.  Also, let me know if you get something off the list so I can take it off and avoid duplicating gifts.  Thanks!


Evie likes toy animals that make noise &/or move.  She also likes plastic dinosaurs, bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlys.  She isn’t into a lot of girlish stuff.  Evie likes bath toys, play-doh, coloring and is taking an interest in drawing.  Evie could use Fall/Winter play clothes, dress clothes/shoes for church and special occasions and pajamas.  She is wearing  a size 6x/7 pants, 7/8 shirts and girls size 1 shoe.

Here is the link to her Amazon wish list for more ideas:


Gabe will be getting a Nintendo 3DS for Christmas.  This is going to mean that he isn’t getting much else on Christmas morning.  So, any smaller gifts are great.  There is also one game for the 3DS that we can’t get him, Super Mario 3D Land, so that is an idea too.  Gabe also plays the Wii and would like Super Mario Bros. Wii.  Gabe is still in to Lego Ninjago sets.  He also likes books, drawing and crafts.  Gabe needs fall clothes for school and church, tennis shoes and dress shoes.  He could also use some pajamas, socks and underwear.  He’s wearing  a size 10 clothes, boys 4 shoe.

Here is the link to his Amazon wish list for more ideas:

Mike & Jen

Well, there are needs and wants.  I’ll start with the things we need.

  1. Bath sheet towels, the bigger the better & hand towels – colors preferred are dark blue and gold
  2. Kitchen towels – colors preferred are blue (peacock) and green (shamrock) to match our Fiesta Ware
  3. Small forks & small (tea) spoons
  4. Gift certificates for Super Saver, Hy-Vee, hardware stores & Wal*Mart

Here are links to the Amazon wish lists for more ideas and more of our “wants”: Jen and Mike

Plus some additional ideas:

Mike is working on adding and/or improving his tool collection.  He put some ideas on his Amazon list but gift certificate to Sears or Menard’s would also be great.  He’s also wanting an Extension Ladder 30′ rated for 300 lbs.

As for me (Jen), you’ll see many pairs of shoes on my list.  I’m trying to replace my shoes with ones that are better for my feet and they are costly.  I’ve mainly parked these on my list so I can keep track of the ones that I’m interested and as the finances allow check them off the list.  So, you can essentially look around the shoes at the other items on the list.  If you check out the plates (Fiestaware in Shamrock and Peacock) those are the colors I want for my kitchen.  I would also

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